LED lighting is one of the fastest growing interior design trends in the hospitality industry, and for good reason. LED lights are long-lasting, economical, and can be used in a multitude of ways throughout your property. We’ve long known that LED is among the most eco-friendly lighting choices. However, there were several reasons why hotels were reluctant to adopt them into their design up until now.

First, the limited choices when it came to fixture designs made it difficult for hotels to find LED lights that worked for them. Further, the high cost of LED lighting fixtures was a huge deterrent to hotels that had to be mindful about their budget. Today, neither one of these issues are a concern. There are more styles of LED lights than ever before. Plus, with their popularity continuing to grow, they are substantially less expensive than they once were.

Benefits Of LED Lighting


Unlike the incandescent bulbs of the past, LED lights will never burn out. Instead, they simply begin to dim over a long period of time. In fact, they can last fifty times longer than an incandescent bulb if you use a quality fixture or lamp. This will save your maintenance department both time and money.

Energy Savings

Another cost savings benefit of LED light is that they are much more energy efficient than fluorescent, incandescent, or halogen bulbs. It is estimated that this type of lighting uses about half the energy as other options, which can lead to significant energy cost savings over time.

Improved Safety

LED lights are typically made up of shatter-proof material. If they are dropped, there is no risk of shards of glass scattering throughout the area. What’s more, there are many options for fixtures that can operate on a backup power supply. This can create an added level of safety for lighting hallways and potentially hazardous areas in your hotel either at night or in the event of a power outage.


No matter what type of area you need to light, there is a fixture that is perfect for the job. Unlike some other lighting choices, LEDs provide pleasant lighting for any application. Whether you need bright lights for a guestroom bathroom, or soft “mood lighting” for lounge areas, you can easily find the perfect LED fixture to match your hotel’s current aesthetic.

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