Hotels must cater to a number of different customer groups. However, business travelers are a particularly lucrative market segment that hoteliers should be targeting with their marketing and services. While many leisure travelers will often look for ways to stretch their dollar, business guests tend to be more liberal with their spending. By understanding the kind of amenities that business travelers look for, hotels can maximize their bookings of these valuable guests.

Amenities Business Travelers Look For In Hotels

Fitness Rooms

Many business travelers enjoy having the ability to stick to their fitness regimes while away from home. This is especially true of working millennials. Hotels with existing fitness rooms may have an advantage when it comes to winning over business travelers; though, they should not expect a treadmill and a few hand weights to be enough to catch the attention of millennials. These young professionals have much higher standards when it comes to fitness equipment. If your hotel is not in a position to update your fitness area, consider partnering with a nearby gym to give your guests access to the type of equipment they’re looking for.

Laundry Services

Ensuring that their attire looks professional is a top priority for business travelers; however, sometimes the unexpected does happen. Many hotels offer laundry services; but, they are not always adequately advertised within their marketing materials. When targeting business travelers, be sure to promote any laundry services that your hotel offers. Shirt laundering and same-day dry cleaning services can be very beneficial for business travelers, especially during longer stays.


Technology has changed the way we interact with the world around us. Today’s business travelers have high expectations when it comes to a hotel’s commitment to being tech-friendly. Hotels must do more than simply offer access to high-speed internet. More and more, business travelers want to be able to engage with a hotel digitally. Amenities such as mobile check-in, mobile keys, and a digital concierge are a convenient way of allowing your busy guests to access services without having to stop and speak with a staff member. What’s more, hotel rooms should also be outfitted with the latest technology including smart TVs with streaming capabilities and digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa.

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